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We keep up with the latest technology so you don't have to.

Offering the full range of connectivity options targeting reliability and security, Gibat Enterprises bases their designs around proven "Best Practices" backed with in-house protocol and security analysis resources.

Gibat Enterprises offers a variety of services designed to help your business grow with the Internet. From 28.8 dial up to full 6mb DSL services, Gibat Enterprises Inc. (GEI) can give you and your network the connection you need.

This broad experience base means that GEI is ideally suited for architecting, configuring, and troubleshooting today's complex connectivity issues.

Software and Web Development:
When a mainstream solution does not exist, GEI plans, designs, integrates, tests, and implements custom solutions to achieve your vision using the best technology available.

We can help you get setup with and E-commerce site and make sure that it is interfacing with your bank.

Systems Architecture and Implementation:
There are many solutions to every need. With GEI's knowledge and experience, we can help make the decisions that get you the most from your system and avert problems in the future.

  • Windows Server - GEI is a Microsoft Partner to bring you the best solutions for your enterprise needs.

  • Linux - Lower cost through streamlined application and file servers.

  • VPN - Virtual Private Networking provides Secure connectivity to company resources for personnel working "Off-Site".

  • Switched and Routed networks - Appropriately implemented, these technologies provide faster connectivity and allow continued productivity even when hardware failures occurNew Computer.

  • VLAN - Virtual Local Area Networks provide logical segmenting of larger networks for additional security and increased network speed.

  • Gigabit Ethernet - Today's large application servers require faster network backbones to decrease response times and increase availability.

  • E-Commerce - GEI offers proven transaction processing development to help you promote increased revenue and customer satisfaction, Securely.

  • Storage Area Networks - Promote consistent access to your valuable data through implementing Fail-over techniques such as clustering on both the Windows and Linux server platforms.

  • Wireless Networking (802.11 or WiFi) - Avoid the hazards such as "Dead Zones" and opening your network up to attack. Proper design and implementation before implementing a Wireless Network solution is critical to success and security.

  • Firewalls - Appropriate design is critical to ensure security. There are a lot of companies that can setup a basic firewall. However, most modern networks require that some corporate resources be available through the firewall without compromising security. Your situation may also dictate that resources need to be protected from internal as well as external attacks, requiring a "DMZ" for full protection. Protecting valuable resources is easy. Protecting those resources while providing transparent access by the people who need it requires experience and intimate knowledge of the latest security techniques. That is why GEI employs certified security technologists, not just in the router and firewall areas like most firms, but also in the Protocol Analysis and Software Development arenas as well.

These are a few of the latest technologies that can help speed your business along with productivity and security. Let us help you design your ultimate business solution.
Software and Web Development:
When a mainstream solution does not exist, GEI plans, designs, integrates, tests, and implements custom solutions to achieve your vision using the best technology available. Whether your business needs require an e-Commerce solution, online Database, Customer Support and Management, or just a remarkable that seizes visitors attention, GEI employs software specialists that can handle your needs in a timely, cost effective manner.

Gibat EnterprisesI provides on and offsite support for companies ranging from small to fortune 100 in size. We employ several remote support tools to allow clients to keep costs down and decrease response times for issues too complex for their internal technologists to handle. In addition, GEI always has certified technologists available to go to your site to assist. Regardless of your location.

Gibat Enterprises is unremittingly anxious about security, just so you don't have to be. We employ "Best Practices" standards and relentless training of our technologists to help you safely operate in today's environ. We believe in a multi-discipline approach to designing and implementing systems that incorporate the most appropriate security measures possible. Our goal is to provide this defense while transparently keeping your resources available for the people who need them.

To ensure that these goals are attainable, GEI has a staff that includes Certified Security Specialists in Firewalls, Routers, Protocol Analysis, and Development. This multi-discipline approach facilitates ensuring that your system's design is thorough and meets the needs of your organization.


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